Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmer's Market Review - Los Feliz

My favorite thing about living in Los Feliz is the little farmer's market held every Sunday from 9am-2pm in the post office parking lot. Voila. Post boxes:

I've been going almost every Sunday since I moved here and it's helped me feel like a part of a community. So I went and snapped some photos of my favorite things about it, just for a quick review. If you are in the area at all, it's small and charming and well worth a visit. It's got a great vibe.

The Gastrobus!!!! This is one of the best things to find at the Los Feliz market.

Every morning they get there early and make 6-7 great groumet-ish brunch/lunch offerings out of the produce being sold at the market. Best of all, they also serve strong, $2 Armenian coffee!! They also sell preserves and a tomato confit that is sweet, creamy and amazing.

Live music! soothing, oooo, ahhh.

Oxnard Produce! They are my favorite veg stand. They are all super nice and they have great deals on fresh green beans, bell peppers and avocados, especially. I didn't buy anything that day so I didn't want to get up in their face with tons of photos but at least you know where to go when you get there.

This is my FAVORITE fruit stand. They dont' have a name anywhere so I actually have no idea what farm they are (super helpful, I know) but they are so sweet and last weekend I high-fived the girl who works there. It was a special moment. I love them.

They always have an abundance of seasonal fruits, so for months I've been gorging myself on white peaches and nectarines. Then the plums started coming out too - I love the little sweet/tart green ones. It was looking like an oil painting last Sunday...

And recently they have had GRAAAAPES!! Crunchy and sweet and heavily dripping off the vine.

They also sell Chinese dates dried and fresh. yum.

And though I love the Armenian Coffee from Gastrobus - it can't beat my most favorite new addition to the Los Feliz market - DripBarLA! Serving Blue Bottle Coffee. Say it with me -COR FWOR!! swoon!

I cannot get over how gorgeous and black this coffee is. *superswoon*

Maybe best of all, I get to walk to and from the market past the most magnificent trees.

Los Feliz Farmers Market 9am-2pm
Vermont Ave & Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027


bridget said...

another delicious-looking post! i love all your pictures that illustrate your cute market. I can't wait to see your post on a turkish farmer's market once you visit!!
is armenian coffee made like turkish coffee, which is also similar to bosnian coffee and greek coffee?? i think it is....and sip some blue bottle for me!

Avi said...

this is awesome! you rock my foodie world!!