Monday, June 04, 2007


From my "Foody" book dated 10/20/06

I feel so so blessed. So blessed that I know it has nothing to do with anything but food.
Buying vegetables, big brown bags of them, being inspired by the silver terrain dishes of the Getty exhibit...I sliced carrots big and round, thick wedges of discs between my fingers as I cradled them, falling, into the bowl. Beets are roasting in the oven! Oh glorious beets! So delicate-they always spoke of delicate skin-I never even realized it. So nutricious, beautiful red blood, magenta. The root, real, vitality, earthiness... that sound in your mouth when you think of them- roots-vegetables- potatoes, beets - the oven and the stove is creaking like the calm sway of a rigging on a ship. What simplictiy and quiet lovliness. The clock ticking, the plastic bags I have loosely bundled on the table. Maybe I need to live in another time. I know the great joy of this and savoring it with my mom, will bring me the only happiness I truly seek, as I grow up and learn to share it with others.