Monday, November 26, 2007

Something Special at Specialtys - the joy of a smashy sandwich

I was searching through some older photos of food when I came across this gem. It's one of my favorites not only because it's a sticky stick, 'muh bread's stickin' to much mouf' type o' sandwich, but because it's from one of my near and dear SF haunts, Specialty's Cafe and Bakery. They bake all their bread fresh, and make amazing, giant wobbly shaped cookies that are enough to send your throat shivering from the sugar halfway to China and back.

My heart WAS, in fact, left in SF, so I am particularly biased when it comes to the cities eateries, but I ask you, is there anything sexier than this sandwich right now? (and what's sexier than that bread? that smashed bread? that smashed, warm, freshly oven-ed bread?.... that's right, NOTHING)

Oh! I think I feel my heart beating a little bit stronger! sigh, swoon, shoooooooo (faint)


White soft and batter-textured bliss, white pretty incandescence lost on melting, melting tongue. It took me twice to swallow, pretty sugar paste, it took me twice to bleed that brooding pearl straight down my slowly melting throat. Soothe me once from the tip of your plastic spoon, and here I am...
Three cheers for raw, unheated honey!! 3 cheers for purest pure and sexiest of truly sexy sex!

Available at Whole Foods