Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Los Angeles Chocolate Salon - OR - How I Found Hope Again in a Scary World of Politics and a Broken Heart

In the lonely days of post-breakup blues it's difficult, if not altogether insulting, to imagine ever being happy again. But when I stumbled upon a goddamned Los Angeles CHOCOLATE CONVENTION website, all at once a heady glow of unmentionable hope bloomed inside my brain. Chocolate is of course infamous for providing unsustainable but ever so deeply profound levels of lustful contentment and joy, so I might as well TRY. Right? At least I have chocolate, it never fails. I've been getting so worn out by reading about poltics too I just about forgot what it was like to feel alive again.

The Pasadena Convention center will hold the "Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon" on October 5th so no need to bring your heroin, porn or Matt Bellamy videos: the $17.50-$20 ticket will include plenty of free samples of lust and visual stimulation of the dark, melting, milky, and all around perfect creature that is chocolate. I feel somewhat stupid even trying to describe why this is a good thing to go to a chocolate convention! The photos speak for themselves for sure on this one. One glance at the website and I just about (say it with me) had a baby. A little "gourmet", "artisan" one.

When checking out the site make sure to watch the video under the "tasting and salon" section. An endearingly corny but tremendously charming mini trailer for a chocolate documentary. I dont' think I've felt this bonded to my fellow man in a long time. (It also reminded me of Monty Python's "Man on the Street" segments while being utterly sincere and sweetly exposing the true vulnerability that chocolate inspires in us all.

Take a gander at some beautiful photos while you're at it to get in the mood for Feelgood Town. Just searching for them gave me a big smile and, let's be honest, a bit of a thrill. As any good food photo should.

photo by sonicwalker on Flickr.com

photo by ayalan on Flickr.com

photo by bonnie shulman on Flickr.com

See you at the Chocolate Salon! I'll be the lady in the corner clutching a piece of chocolate and looking stoned. And smudged.