Monday, May 20, 2013


I visited my dad and his girlfriend in Santa Fe. This was my foodie love affair in rough order of carnal, joyful consumption.

Santa Fe Brewing Company chile rellanos... just... shut the front door. I could have slept with that freshly made tortilla like a big, soft quilt.

KAKAWA!!! Drinking chocolate cafe. Inspired by old recipes from Aztecs and Marie Antoinette and the days of our founding fathers. Various flavors with rose, chile, nutmeg, almond...thick, smooth, sweet, simple...uh, sex.  Also they sold chocolates and we got the best damn juicy, tart pomegranate chocolate truffle I have ever tasted. So, like, basically the most amazing store ever.

Henry's Roadhouse. Just... do me now Turkey enchiladas... do me now. It was all honestly perfect.
Then dessert at Henrys': A fudgey, flakey, not-too-sweet salted chocolate caramel tart that just succumbed to our every whim. Tomma decided to SPRINKLE EXTRA SALT ON IT which was a brilliant idea because it was the best thing ever and we made it even better and excuse me I have to take a cold shower now.
El Fine cafe. I LOVED THIS PLACE. I wanted to eat everything in the bakery counter. Including the meyer lemon tart on the far right. (I bought a slice of it after breakfast and SHOWED IT WHO WAS BOSS).
This was my breakfast (burrito) at El Fine. Just... stop it. Fucking stop it. Freshly made hash browns and fluffy eggs...
Here it is again in case you want to look at it up close...helloooo nurse.
Tomma and Dad got the same thing for breakfast it was delish. No memory of what it was called but it had fresh tortilla strips in the scramble and that's enough for me to take a photo of it! AUGH I want to dive into that sour cream!
My love. My love... softest, sweet-spicey-nuanced gingerbread cookie/cake with an old timey print on it that reminds me of the designs on the fences while waiting in line for The Matterhorn at Disneyland.
Plaza cafe. Burger wrapped in a tortilla covered in, yes, that's cheese, and green chile!!! I don't even know if it was *great* but it was *amazing* because it was a burger wrapped in a tortilla covered in cheese and green chile.
(This little corn cake that I took from my dad's plate was also quite delectable and astonishingly tender with little pieces of... say it with me, GREEN CHILE!)
Pasquals. Ok. Time delivers True Love. Because the last day of my trip we ate here for breakast and I WANT TO MARRY IT. Those are bananas, people. And peas. I don't even remember what this was but it was some egg dish with green chile and like.. god, all this other stuff and it's really just impossible to describe how exciting this was to eat. I also got a mocha which was perfecto. Made with mexican chocolate! True Love and sexy chocolate coffee sex. What could be better?

Thank you Santa Fe.

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bridget said...

and again I'm so jealous with foodlust for these yummy dishes!! OMG YUM!!!!!!