Thursday, April 21, 2011





I just had the best chocolate ice cream I've ever tasted. I somehow managed to stop eating it and run home to take these photos.

Handmade Scandanavian ice cream!

This all-of-a-sudden-new-favorite-place o' mine, Paradis, just opened in the old Pinberry spot on Vermont. Their second store after opening one in Montrose.

Yes, I will have this before my dinner, thank you.

Organic chocolate from Denmark

The taste is so rich and faintly complex but still so damn classic I want to go outside and start...looting stores with a Care Bear Stare or...climbing on a tree branch and belting out a song from Moulin Rouge while wearing a top hat.

OK, I actually saw that happening outside Vermont Restaurant on my walk back from Rite Aid.

A man singing a song from Moulin Rouge, perched in a top hat like a theatrical chimp in one of my beloved trees. Wailing his heart out. With a spotlight blasting on his face. What magic is this?! And what the hell could I ever dream up that could immediately top spontaneous musical theater in a TREE!?!


$3.50 for once scoop. Beyond worth it.

The woman who happily urged me sample many flavors (*Elderflower*Strawberry*Cinnamon*Peanut Butter* all incredible), is also the wife of the chef who apparently gets up at 3am every morning to make a variety of ice creams for the day, from hundreds of choices in their flavor-repertoire. True family operation. All natural too... fresh, creamy, yet very fine.

What a life.


bridget said...

elderflower!! give us it! and some musical tree theater ;)

Avi said...

This was awesome!! The coconut was fantastic!

la hotness said...

Amazing chocolate ice cream :D Perfect way to end this summer season

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone! I forgot my password and haven't posted for so long I just saw these comments. :) So glad you tried it/know it, because sadly Paradis is gone now. At least the one on Vermont in Los Feliz :( But they are still in Montrose dishing out the goods. A new place called "Ramekin" (which I can only hope is for various kinds of creme brulee) has taken it's place. I see a visit and review in my future :)